Cow vigilantes had set Kamaraj’s Delhi residence on fire!

The anti-cow slaughter demonstrators attempted to murder Kamaraj in his Delhi residence. Kamaraj, the former Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, who is affectionately called “Padikatha Medhai” (Uneducated Genius) and the ‘Kingmaker of politics’ by the Tamil Nadu people, was attacked by a mob in his own house. Fortunately, he escaped from this violence. But BJP has gotten into propaganda politics in such a way that nothing has happened and trying to manipulate history. So, Youturn is publishing this article with all the facts about the incident.

Kamaraj, introduced the “K PLAN” in Congress where seniors can retire and give way for young minds to work in the party. As a setting example, he resigned from his Tamil Nadu Chief Minister position. On, 1963 October 9, he was selected as the Head of the Indian National Congress.

During his tenure, he severely condemned the anti-cow slaughter protestors in the Congress Committee held in 1966, 2nd November.

Afterwards, on 7th November along with Hindu naked sadhus, many cow protectors joined and protested on the parliament road. They got separated near the Patel statue on the parliament road and surrounded Kamaraj’s house on Jantar Mantar and set it on fire. “The Indian Express” published an article regarding this incident on 8th November 1966. On the day of the riot at 2 pm, three groups of people against cow slaughter, roughly around 100 persons surrounded the Congress party leader’s (Kamaraj) house from all four sides.

“The Indian Express”, also published an article regarding this incident on its front page in 1966. The article reported that Kamarajar was asleep in his house where his cook named Ambi and guards namely Niranjan were present with him. Those protestors attacked them & set the house on fire.

Dravidar Kazhagam’s leader K.Veeramani has written a Tamil book titled “Kamarajar Kolai muyarchi sarithiram” regarding this incident. The book showcases the accounts of the riots that happened along with some Delhi reporters’ witnesses and evidence. It also details the article written by Indian Express Reporter named Rangarajan about this incident in a Tamil magazine titled “Kumudam” (1-12-1966). Moreover, it was said that Rangarajan was present with Kamaraj during the incident.

Summary of the essay

“After finishing breakfast with Kamaraj, we were talking and then he decided to rest and went inside. So, I called my wife over the telephone. She told me about this protest on parliament roads and asked me to be careful. Further, she added that they have set fire to the PI office, Akashavaani Bavan, and when I was about to disconnect, I saw a small group of people in front of the house.

They made loud noises and tried to enter the residence. While Kamaraj’s personal assistant Niranjan Lal and caretaker Bahadur Singh stopped them, it was not possible to handle such a huge crowd and they finally got inside. Niranjan Lal singlehandedly fought against the crowd and Bahadur Singh opened fire. The group started to throw stones & Niranjan Lal also attacked them back. Unfortunately, the rifle ran out of bullets. Meanwhile, the protestors from the parliament road also joined the attackers and the situation turned out even worse. Here, Niranjan Lal was severely hurt, but poor Bahadur Singh was afraid seeing the chaos went inside the front room & latched it.

While I explained the situation to Kamaraj, we got into a room along with Niranjan and closed inside, and waited for help. However, the cook Varadarajan (a.ka. Ambi) was attacked severely by the mob and they even tried to set him on fire. He cried and screamed for help, further pleaded with them that he was unwell and the leader is not at home. But they already started to set fire to the furniture at home which fumed with smoke. This was noticed by the neighbours who informed the police.

Subsequently, the police arrived and got the situation under control by getting rid of the protestors.” This event was accounted by the INDIAN EXPRESS reporter Rangarajan in his “Kumudam” article. Rangarajan also mentions that, according to the reporters in Delhi, this attack was planned and executed by the Bhartiya Jana Sangh and RSS.

In memory of 50 years of this scary incident that happened in 1966 “The Hindu” has published an article. The article speaks about how Kamaraj’s house was attacked and how fortunately he escaped the violence. It also mentions how this was the first attack on the parliament after India’s independence.

The above articles and evidence prove as the INC party leader Kamraj’s house was attacked by anti-cow slaughter demonstrators, how he escaped and was saved. However, as usual, the right-wing is trying to falsify and distort history.


The Indian Express – Nov 8, 1966

The very first attack on Parliament


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