This article is from Sep 23, 2021

Priest and forward caste people arrested for Rs.25000 fine on Dalit kid for entering a temple in Karnataka !

A Dalit family was fined Rs.25000 for purification as their kid enters a temple, and this created a controversy ending up in the arrest of 5 people including the priest.

The 27-year old Chandrasekhar in Miyapur village of Karnataka’s Koppal district belongs to the Chennadasa community in the Scheduled Caste category. He took his 2-year old son to the nearby Aanjaneya temple on September 4th since it’s his son’s birthday. The child entered the temple as soon as it started raining. His father also entered the temple to bring his child out. The members of the said community were banned from entering the temple.

The temple priest Karakappa, Hanumagowda and a few others belonging to the village resisted the entry of the father and the kid. Later on September 11th, a village meeting was arranged where a fine of Rs.25000 was imposed on Chandrasekhar and his wife Lalitha for entering the temple claiming that the place got polluted because of their entry.

A senior police officer has reported to the media, “The fine was imposed claiming that it is for the purification process as the entry of a scheduled caste kid has polluted the temple”.

This incident came out when they resisted paying the fine amount. The Revenue and Social Welfare Officers complained to the police on behalf of Chandrasekar. After this, police officers and other government officials held an awareness meeting on September 18th in the village and warned people against untouchability.

However, Balachandra, Assistant Director of Social Welfare filed a complaint on September 21, based on which 5 people including the priest Karakappa, Hanumagowda, Gavisiddappa Myageri, Virupakshagowda Myageri and Saranagowda were arrested by Kushtagi police.

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