This article is from Oct 02, 2020

Why the caste of a sexually abused woman referred to as ‘Dalit’?

Newspapers do not publish a woman’s name or photo if she has been sexually abused. There is a rule so that newspapers should not do that. However, this is not the case on social media and networking sites.

If a woman from the Dalit community is sexually abused or victimized by some other violent incident, the press may have noticed that a woman from the Dalit community has been sexually abused and the member of the Dalit community has been assaulted.

Then, a question arises in the general community. The question will be asked as “why you are racially associating with a woman who has been sexually assaulted?”. Many are unaware that there is a long-standing reason for that. From the common sense, in the case of sexual harassment or violence against a woman, the question arises as to where caste comes from. It is not understandable thing as like this.

This is because if a woman belongs to the Dalit community, the violence against her, such as the sexual harassment inflicted on her by the dominant castes who are considered to be as superior there, then the crime should not be understood in terms of lust for women, crime should be understood in terms their power and caste dominance.

They see it as a feeling of enslavement of Dalit women or as a place to show their dominance over them. It contains the signal that if you have any problem with us we will abuse your housewives. Not only that, but what can you do, whether your factions will question me, whether you can clash with us, whether those who have the guts to question us when we’re touching your women is a dominant feeling. That caste divide is evident here. They do it to establish his dominance power.

This can be seen as an attempt to perpetuate caste oppression of women rather than their power over them and to establish that they are adults. That is why the press continues to use the word Dalit during the ongoing violence and sexual harassment over them. They do this only because they understand that there is a pre-existing attempt to perpetuate power, caste arrogance and caste arrogance. Also, we need to think about that these people say Dalit people are constantly being stigmatized to entered into homes and temples but why the people not stigmatized dalits as untouchables when they are abused.

Here the establishment of power and intimidation are paramount beyond the cause of sexual desire. This is seen as one of the ongoing atrocities against the Dalits because of the work they do to enslave and trample underfoot.

In 2019, The News Indian Express reported that according to the 2016 National Crime Records Bureau data, the highest number of all crimes against Scheduled Castes and Dalit women. The oppression of Dalit women includes rape, attempted acts and violence that humiliates them.

Data shows that 4 Dalit women are raped every day. In a national campaign on Dalit human rights by a charity, more than 23% of Dalit women report being sexually abused. Many of them have repeatedly stated that they have been raped.

The attacks on Dalits across India can only be understood when we look at the realization that caste is within the sexual harassment of Dalit women. In many cases, it is manifested, and in many cases it can be felt. Thus, there is a need and compulsion to use the term Dalit in the atrocities against Dalit women.


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