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Gallery of old photos spreading as Delhi farmers protest!

Farmers in the capital Delhi continue to protest against the new agriculture law without agreeing to talks with the central government. In this situation, we continue to publish through many articles that some people are sharing false photos and videos that misrepresent the struggle of the farmers.

Similarly, many old photos are shared by social media users in support of the farmers’ struggle. Let’s see a collection of such photos in this article.

Archive link  

Archive link 

Photo 1: 

A photo of thousands of farmers sitting on the road as they entered Delhi has gone viral across India.

Twitter archive link 

The photo was posted on the Twitter page of the Marxist Communist Party on March 11, 2018, we found this while doing a reverse image search. This was taken during a farmers’ rally in Mumbai in 2018. Not in Delhi.

Photo 2: 

The photo of police pouring water on farmers crossing barricades is one that has been widely shared on social media.

On October 2, 2018, The Outlook India reported, “The photo shows thousands of farmers being detained as they tried to enter Delhi during a protest over the waiver of farm loans and electricity tariffs on the Delhi-Uttar Pradesh state border.

Photo 3, 4 & 5:

They are also currently sharing photos taken during a farmers road rally and protest in Punjab and Haryana in September 2020 against the new agriculture law.

Although the photos were taken during the farmers’ protest against the new agriculture law, they were not taken in Delhi.

Photo 6: 

The photo has gone viral on social networking sites as female farmers from Rajasthan come to Delhi for a farmers’ struggle, a woman driving a tractor.

Archive link

On February 6, 2017, the Hindustan Times reported that Jat women went on tractors during a protest demanding reservation for the Jat community in Rohtak, Haryana we found this while doing a reverse image search of the photo.

Many people sharing old photos on social media websites in support of the struggle. We ask that you do not share false and old photos.


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