Did TN police ask for a Mohammed Zubair’s fact check video to be taken down…? Here’s what happened.

In the first half of September, right wingers and many BJP supporters shared a video claiming that a Moulana was misbehaving with a woman after he drugged her, but she was saved by Hindu activists. However, the video was entirely scripted and staged but that did not stop many from using the video to spew hatred and create communal tension. Mohammed Zubair, the co-founder of AltNews, fact-checked this and tweeted about it along with the video.

Mohammed Zubair tweeted that he received a mail from Twitter that Tamil Nadu’s Cyber Crime Police had requested Twitter to act on Zubair’s video as it violated India’s Information & Technology Act, 2000. Following this, many social media users were tweeting against Tamil Nadu Cyber Crime Police’s actions and questioned how a fact-check video can violate Information and Technology Act,2000.


What really happened?

The Moulana video was tweeted by a regular spreader of misinformation and hate speech Kishore K Swamy, with a caption, “Mualana drugs a Hindu woman to ‘treat’ her. He was caught red-handed by Hindu activists. We also fact-checked the video and posted an article about it.

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Yesterday, (3rd Nov 2022), we posted a compilation of fake news spready by Kishore K Swamy and Tamil Nadu police took note of the article and had requested Twitter to remove the video. Following this, a mail was sent to all those who posted the video by Twitter which also included Mohammed Zubair who posted the video as part of his fact-check.

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We contacted Tamil Nadu Police regarding the matter, and we were informed, “We wanted to remove that video from Twitter altogether, as it spreads communal hatred. But that accidentally included Fact-Check tweets too and thus Mohammed Zubair would have received the mail. Our intention is not to remove fact-check videos. We would talk to Twitter regarding this issue.”

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