Edited image placing ‘bindi’ on the forehead of students .. Dinamalar News is under criticism!

Dinamalar published a piece of news on May 23, titled “Dinamalar’s Higher Education Advice Guide Launches Today; Top Level Experts Participated”.

A photo of a bunch of students together has been used in the news on the Dinamalar website regarding the higher education advice guide. However, all the students in the image have similar bindis on their foreheads.

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The picture used by Dinamalar was the one used by The Deccan Herald news article mentioning it as students taking selfies when the Class 12 CBSE exam results are released in Delhi in 2018. But, there is no bindi on the forehead of the students in this photo.

Sample images from the internet are usually taken for the purpose of news representation. However, Dinamalar, which used the photo that was published in an article in Delhi 4 years ago, edited the photo as if the students had bindi on their forehead in the picture.

The act of editing image to place bindi on the forehead of the students has been receiving heavy criticism on Twitter.

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Actress Kasturi responded to one such criticism on Twitter, saying, “Lot of conspiracy theories here. it’s not that complicated. The bindi is an attempt to make the northy girls in a stock photo look tamil. We do it in our movies all the time. We give even Amy Jackson a saree and bindi and pass her off as a tamilponnu”. But, this tweet of actress Kasturi is also getting criticized.

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