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Controversy over DMK election manifesto which supports CAA… New promises attached immediately!

In 2019, the Central BJP government amended the Citizenship Act and enacted the law. The law came into action in January last year. But there have been various protests across India as to why Muslims are not included in the CAA Act. Political parties, with the public, joined the struggle.

At the time, the DMK had taken a stand against the CAA and voted against the law in both Lok & Rajiya Sabha. The DMK also launched a signature drive against the CAA.

Section 500 of the DMK’s 2021 election manifesto, which was opposed to the CAA, stated that “the Central Government will be urged to unite Sri Lanka as the fourth country among the three countries mentioned in the Indian Citizenship Amendment Act 2019 and to grant citizenship to stateless Sri Lankan Tamils ​​in Indian camps.”

The 498th aspect was the same. The 15th and 16th Amendments also state that the Central Government will be urged to grant citizenship to Eelam Tamils ​​returning home.

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The DMK was in a position to explain why the CAA Act in 2019 did not include Eelam Tamils ​​in Indian camps. The same is stated in their election manifesto. However, it has been reported on social media that the DMK has taken a pro-CAA stance. Regarding the withdrawal of the CAA, they said there was no aspect of the status of Muslims in the CAA.

Meanwhile, it has been announced that 5 new promises have been added to the election manifesto, including the Citizenship Amendment Act.

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New promises have been made by the DMK, the Adani port in Kattupalli will not be allowed, the Salem 8-lane project will not be implemented, the Union government will be urged to withdraw the Citizenship Amendment Act 2019, the Assembly will pass a resolution against the Citizenship Amendment Act and the Environmental Impact Assessment Report 2020 will be rejected.

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