The minister who hit the woman on her head with a petition paper… Did the media make her talk what they want?

Department of Revenue and Management KKSSR Ramachandran was the special guest in the program of distribution of goats to the beneficiaries under the Aruppukkottai Panchayat Union of Virudhunagar District.

At that time, a person named Kalavathi from Palavanatham submitted a petition to the minister about the old age pension for his mother and father. After presenting the petition, Kalavathi was raising her hand and asked a question in a loud voice after which the minister hit her on the head with the petitions in his hand. Then, the minister asks the district collector who stood nearby to do it(to work on the petition) even if it is not possible.

After this 10-second video went viral on social media, condemnations against the minister started rising on social media. Tamil Nadu BJP President Annamalai condemned and has called for Minister Ramachandran’s resignation.

When the video went viral and there were condemnations, Thanthi TV aired an exclusive interview with Kalavathi. She said, “I submitted a petition to the minister for old age pension for my mother. Then he had hit me with a paper and said if not for me then to whom he will do it.”

However, when reporters from various news media including Sun News, Puthiya Thalaimurai, Kalaignar News, Polimer, Captain, News 18, and Jaya Plus went to interview the woman again, a video showing the woman being asked to say “the minister did not hit” is going viral on social media.

In the video, the reporter asks, “Would you say that again?” to which the woman says how many times will you ask me?. The reporter replied, “What to do when you are not saying it properly. Say your name first and the reason for submitting a petition, his response of receiving the petition and his reply that he would do it, and now that you have received the order, he did not trouble or beat but he had just hit with affection, and that he is your relative.”

Kalavathi was interviewed by the media and it was live streamed by Vikatan. At 1.25 minutes, someone nearby tells her what and how to speak. After that, Kalavathi said, “He did not hit at all. He said that he will process the petition”. After being questioned about the video of the hitting, she said that it was out of affection which was repeated by her when another person helped her say it.

After that, the video of some channels asking her to talk again has gone viral. Later in the video, the light troubled her causing her to sit on the sofa. Even then, someone said her how to speak.

Talking to the reporter who was at the incident location about this, “In the first video, the woman is speaking loudly to the minister in Telugu saying that it is KKSSRR who is talking here. The minister patted her on the head with the petition as she repeated her words. During the press conference, she did not know how to speak as she was from a rural area. Therefore, the people there told her how to continue and what the woman had to say. She was told to speak quickly so that the length of the interview does not go long”, said to Youturn.

Also, Jaya TV District Correspondent Arjunan, who was in the field, told Youturn that “the woman is a relative of the Minister”.

In an interview given to Vikatan on this issue, Minister KKSSR said, “Kalavathi is my relative who met me at the event of offering goats. In general, it is my nature to consider myself as one among them, not as a minister. I patted Kalavathi on the head and calmed her down with the petition envelope she gave. The people of my constituency and Chief Minister M.K.Stalin know about me as I am a public servant for more than nine times in the same constituency.”

The woman has come to submit a petition in public, even if she is his relative. The petition has its own request. The Minister’s responsibility is to reply to the petition. No matter if he has hit her out of anger or affection, what he has done is not as expected even if he says a reason.

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