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Senthil Balaji’s talk on sand dump… Explanation and people’s demand!

Senthil Balaji, who is contesting from Karur constituency on behalf of DMK, said among DMK supporters, With Stalin in charge at 11 a.m. on May 11, drive yourself to the river to collect the sand at 11.05 a.m. No officer will stop. Call me if you stop, those officers will not be there ” which caused great controversy.

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Protests erupted over Senthil Balaji’s speech that he had openly stated sand looting before coming to power and was threatening that there would be no authorities to stop sand looting.

Kamal Haasan, leader of the People’s Justice Center party, said, “DMK candidate Senthil Balaji says we will start looting river sand the minute we win the election.” Our Perundurai candidate Nandakumar is the one who went to court against sand robbery and won the case. He is a fearless worker who has been attacked by homicides because of it. This is the difference between ‘other parties’ and MNM. ”

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Responding to this, Senthil Balaji said, “We are given permission to take sand in Namakkal and Trichy districts around us. The 15,000 families in our Karur district depend on the cow for their livelihood. The livelihoods of those 15,000 families have been affected. All districts must be given the same permit.
The court has directed the cattle owners to take immediate action on the petition filed in the Madurai High Court branch. The government said it would take action but did not take any action.
Our promise is that the government in Karur district as well as in Namakkal and Trichy districts should issue regulations to regularize sand quarries and issue permits to cattle owners through the Public Works Department. We need to put an end to sand looting. The DMK will rule soon. After that, they will be formally allowed to put sand in the cow, ”.

Commenting on the issue, AIADMK’s Karur candidate MR Bhaskar said, “DMK candidate Senthil Balaji speaks in two different ways on the issue of sand filling in bullock carts and acts in a provocative manner. The news is out.

In a judgment in December 2020, Dinesh filed a petition in the Madurai High Court stating, “Five sites have been identified for setting up a sand quarry in Karur. Three locations must be identified for cattle owners and the other two locations must be identified for trucks. Therefore, a recommendation has been sent to the higher authorities for the appropriate order. ” Senthil Balaji has mentioned the same.

Over the past few years, several petitions have been filed with the rulers seeking permission to dump the sand on cattle in the Karur district. Cattle owners are also staging protests. Senthil Balaji has also filed petitions with cattle owners and workers. This is a long-standing problem.

Speaking among DMK supporters was the long-standing demand for cattle workers in the Karur district. However, the reason for the controversy is that the clarity in the explanatory video is not in the campaign speech.

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