Does the President Murmu get the respect she deserves from the BJP-led Union Government?

Social media users are circulating a photo purporting to show Prime Minister Modi sitting down without paying proper respect to President Murmu when he was with the President to present LK Advani with the ‘Bharat Ratna’ award. The President is a tribal woman, so there have been complaints that the BJP did not treat her with respect.

Since 1954, recipients of the Bharat Ratna, regarded as the highest honor bestowed by the Indian government, have come from various fields. On January 23, the late Bihar Chief Minister Karpoori Thakur received the Bharat Ratna Award. Subsequently, the Bharat Ratna awards were announced for the former Deputy Prime Minister LK Advani, former Prime Ministers Chaudhry Charan Singh, PV Narasimha Rao, and Tamil Nadu agronomist MS Swaminathan.

Last month on the 30th, there was an award ceremony at Rashtrapati Bhavan. LK Advani was too old and sick to attend the function. Thus, on March 31, President Murmu gave Advani the award at his Delhi home. At the time, Prime Minister Modi, Home Minister Amit Shah, Vice President Jagdeep Dhankar, and others were in attendance.

The opposition parties are objecting to Modi’s seating when Murmu was standing during this event, citing the President’s gender and tribal heritage.

However, images from Bharat Ratna’s presentation to Advani are available on the President’s official X page and it shows Murmu sitting in front of Modi and Advani.

The award is being presented by the President, who is standing. Owing to his advanced age, Advani was sitting. However, Modi did not get up even out of deference.

Previously, the President was not invited to the new Parliament building’s inauguration ceremony by the Union BJP government. There were criticisms of it at the time. These acts by BJP leaders cast doubt on the Union Government’s ability to treat the President with the respect and recognition she deserves.

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Indu Meenakshi

Indu Meenakshi is a former Microbiologist-turned-journalist, works as a Sub-Editor at YouTurn. She additionally holds Master’s in Management and English Literature. As a fact-checker, her job entails actively dispelling false information found online, exposing fake news, and raising public awareness.
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