Compilation of Dr. Sharmika’s contradicting health tips and views

Youturn published an article in Tamil on Siddha doctor Sharmika’s pseudoscience health tips like eating one Gulab Jamun results in 3 kg weight gain, we shouldn’t consume beef as the cow is an animal bigger than us, and pregnant women should not include iodized salt.

Not just this but she has spoken contrary to what she has spoken in some other interviews. Let us see about it briefly in this article.


Siddha doctor Sharmika, in an interview given to the YouTube page ‘OmSaravanaBhava’ on 29, November 2022, said “Beef is not bad for health. We worship cow as god and there is no other reason to mention beef as bad for health. And it is good to take a certain amount of beef”.

On December 17, in another interview for a  YouTube channel ‘i Tamil News‘, she mentioned beef should not be eaten. To the question ‘Is it good or bad to eat beef’, Sharmika answered “Let us put aside science. Let us talk about our traditions. The cow is a beautiful thing that we look at as a god. So saying that it should not be eaten is unscientific. Next comes the DNA of Tamil Nadu people and Indians. A large animal cannot be digested by our DNA. Therefore, beef is something that is not compatible with our body.”

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Similarly, in an interview given to Vikatan on January 6, 2023, which is published on ‘Noi-illa neri’ she can be seen mentioning that all diseases come from beef. She has spoken contradicting opinions on the same topic in different interviews.

Detoxification after smoking and alcohol consumption:

In one of her interviews posted on the YouTube channel ‘Behindwoods O2‘ on December 19, 2022, when asked about detoxification, “Toxic nature can definitely be removed from the body. If one smoked and consumed alcohol too much and if at the age of 60, the person thinks to give up the bad habits, it is possible to detoxify their body”, she answered.

Further, she added, “White pumpkin juice has so many medicinal properties. It possesses almost all medicinal properties. Everyone can drink it. But those who have breathing problems can drink around 11 o’clock. It cleans the esophagus. Once it is cleaned, other things will also be cleaned”.

The next day, on December 20th, in the YouTube interview of ‘OmSaravanaBhava‘, she can be heard saying that if one can detoxify after experiencing everything until the age of 60, then they can be cured easily at the age of 63. But our body doesn’t work like that. If one wants to change at the age of 25, it will take the next 25 years to detoxify completely”.

Sharmika’s comments on breast enhancement:

She said in an interview dated 3, December that eating 8 to 10 pieces of ice apply daily will enhance breast size in one or two months.

In the clarification video posted by Sharmika, no research details showing that eating ice apples increase breast size are provided. On the contrary, she spoke many other things about ice apples.

To one of Vikatan’s questions about this, she answered, “Ice apple is cold. If one takes cold food, it helps them with weight gain. Weight gain increases the size of the breast. It is not directly mentioned in Siddha. When are we going to progress if what is in the Siddha book is all we have to say?”

But, how is it right for a self-proclaimed Siddha doctor to ask people to follow health tips that are not in Siddha medicine for her own development?

Also, on December 19, she said in an interview posted on the YouTube channel ‘Rani Digital‘ that “sleeping on the stomach causes breast cancer“. “There is no medical evidence for this,” says Indian Medicine and Homeopathy Associate Director Dr. Parthiban in an interview with ‘Vikatan‘.

The Siddha medicine book ‘Agathiyar Gunavakadam’ says that the water in ice apples helps get rid of prickly heat rash and increases appetite, and the fruit when taken with its skin helps eliminate waste. Apart from this, there is no information about ice apples in the book.

Similarly, “Foreigners say that diabetes cannot be cured. They only have insulin, antibiotics, etc. But it is not the case in our country. We have sweet potato that looks like a pancreas.”

But the book ‘Agathiyar Gunavakadam‘ says that sweet potato reduces the potency of the medicine, and causes hemorrhoids, colic, and stomach upset. It can be boiled and eaten. But, this is said to be a heavy food. It is not mentioned anywhere as a medicine for diabetes. On the contrary, it is mentioned that it will reduce the potency of the medicine.

Do people with good hearts only can have children? Or those who have no child are ill-hearted?

She mentioned in a video that physical intercourse or the health condition of a married couple is secondary to having a baby, and God’s blessing is primary. She also uttered that if one is good-hearted, they will be conceived very soon. Then, are childless people bad? Are they sinners? Thus, she insulted the childless.

Can we use shampoo?

She spoke in one of the interviews to a YouTube channel in October last year that it is better to use ‘shikakai’ and ‘arappu’ for hair than using shampoo as all the shampoos contain chemicals. Likewise, on October 28 she said there is nothing like ‘the best’ in soaps and suggested going with ‘No soap‘. She also mentioned that one should think that there is no such thing as soap in the world.

On December 27th, in a ‘Galata Pink‘ YouTube interview, Sharmika was asked, ‘Are you dying your hair?’ to which she answered, “I am not doing hair straightening. I do ‘iron’ while participating in any events. Also, I have done ‘hair colour‘. Will do more. I use it knowing that it contains harmful chemicals. If I do all this, I know how to maintain it.”

In another video, she says that she uses a ‘lip stick‘ as she has an inferiority complex because of her dark lips. But in her clarification video, she refers to her monthly program called ‘Love Your Body‘, where she quotes ‘Love your body the way it is’. But, in the same video, she looks at her old photo and made fun of herself mentioning her as a ‘fat cow’.

In a video on YouTube channel ‘Say Swag‘, she was questioned on women maintaining their bodies curvy to which she answered, “it is sad to know that no women regret not having a curvy body shape. Even when asked to lose some weight, they question ‘why should they lose it?’ saying they are fine when they weigh 100 kg. She has expressed such contradictory opinions in different interviews.

In this context, the Joint Director of Indian Medicine and Homeopathy has said that action will be taken if any public complains about Sharmika, who is speaking misinformation against medical ethics.

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