Egmore, Central Express train ticket holders need not take separate tickets for suburban trains – Southern Railway!

Long-distance express train travelers from outside of Chennai do not need to purchase separate tickets for the Suburban train if they disembark before the designated railway station.

Express trains travel to Chennai Egmore or Central Railway Station from surrounding areas. Passengers should depart at the previous station and take a suburban train if they need to go to a station where the express train does not stop.

For example, a passenger from the southern district wishing to go to Guindy would have to disembark at Tambaram and transfer to a suburban train that would go to Egmore. For travelers arriving from Central via Arakkonam, the circumstances are the same.

Meanwhile, ticket inspectors fine the commuters by advising them to take separate tickets to travel on suburban trains. In this regard, a passenger received a reply from the Union Ministry of Railways through the Right to Information Act in 2015. The news has also been made public as a result.

A passenger traveling with a booked ticket on express trains can get down at Tambaram and take a suburban train to any station up to Chennai-Egmore. No need to take any separate ticket for it. This also applies to the Arakkonam route.

If a person goes to Guindy from Madurai then he is not charged for a ticket till Guindy. Because the express train does not stop at Guindy. So he takes a ticket to Egmore. Thus he can travel by suburban train with that reservation ticket. But it is not possible to take a ticket to Tambaram and go to the next railway station.

In this regard, Southern Railway posted on its X page in 2017 as well. It said, “All passengers holding a higher class of ticket, including reserved ticket are permitted to travel in suburban trains, between Tambaram- Chennai Egmore and Arakkonam- Chennai Central subject to the condition that destination station of the higher class ticket is beyond the destination of the suburban journey.”

Ticket inspectors collect fines from passengers who travel despite such instructions being notified by the railway department. So referring to the above information Southern Railway Deputy Chief Commercial Manager Venkata Subramanian has sent a circular to the ticket inspectors and concerned employees.

Now, with an express train reservation ticket, passengers can travel fearlessly and for free on their route on the suburban train.

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Indu Meenakshi

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