This article is from Jun 11, 2021

China’s wandering Elephant…500 km journey! Viral photo occupying the internet!

A photo of Asian wild elephants relaxing after a long journey of over 500 km for almost a year is gaining love all over the world.

The photo of 16 wild elephants, which started their journey from the suburbs of Yunnan province in China in March 2020, resting in areas around the provincial capital Kunming last Monday after travelling more than 500 kilometres has become very popular on social media.

Considered to be the longest displacement that China has ever seen, the trip has attracted huge attention in China from the very beginning.

The journey, which started with 16 elephants, has shifted between two male elephants. In the middle of this trip in November 2020, they arrived in Puer, Yunnan.

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After that, the elephants have resumed their journey north last Tuesday. Chinese officials have found surveillance footage of people marching through urban streets.

China has been making continuous efforts to evacuate elephants from human areas with more than 410 emergency personnel, 374 vehicles, 14 drones and two tons of elephant food to prevent any casualties to civilians and elephants.

News of this elephant’s journey trip has been broadcast on Chinese television 24 hours a day. Forest officials are confused as to the purpose and end of the trip.

These travel scenes of elephants continue to be very popular with the people there. Especially those drone photos and videos of elephants resting are gaining love all over the world.

Although this journey of elephants has sometimes caused crop damage (approximately $ 1 million) to people, people have been watching the elephants travelling without any awe.

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