Tweets in Hindi are not from ‘Elon Musk’ but a parody account

Elon Musk acquired Twitter recently post which he has said that Twitter will charge $8 per month to the users who want a ‘blue tick’ denoting ‘verified’ account. Initially it was planned to charge $20 per month and was reduced later.

Elon Musk’s Official Twitter account seem to have engaged in a verbal spat when the verified accounts commented about $8 ‘blue tick’ monthly fee.

The tweets of another Twitter account with the display name, display picture and bio exactly as Elon Musk’s is viral on social media as the hilarious tweets and reply tweets from this account appeared in Hindi language. Though the username of the parody account remains as ‘iawoolford’ unlike Musk’s, many Twitter users were in a confusion if it is Elon Musk tweeting in Hindi.


Shubhankar Mishra, News Anchor’s tweet roughly translates, “Iawoolford is an assistant professor of Hindi in Australia. Today the soul of @elonmusk has entered inside them. Today he has created hell on Twitter by cloning his profile and becoming Elon Musk. Sowing their charas is making some people feel happy and some people are roasting them.”

Rajan Chaudhary, a Journalist, tweeted, “The alleged Hindi professor “Lan Woolford” ( @iawoolford ) of Melbourne Australia University @latrobe M0) came into the limelight for the past few days by tweeting in Hindi, and Bhojpuri on Twitter by becoming Alan Mask. This old data has been found with the help of tools. This is the real face behind Allen.”

The account is suspended after his Hindi tweets under the disguise of Elon Musk’s name went viral.

He is found as Dr Ian Woolford, Lecturer, Hindi Studies at La Trobe University in Australia.


Ian Woolford’s Twitter account was made identical as Elon Musk’s except the username and the tweets in Hindi from this parody account gained attention and confusion among the Twitter users.

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