Misinformation on EWS in the video… Rangaraj tweeted that it is his error !

“EWS is not only for upper caste, general category or forward caste. Anybody can apply through the reservation”, said Mr Rangaraj in an interview with a NEET committee member on ‘Udayum Unmaigal’ (Unveiling Truths) for his Youtube channel ‘Chanakya’.

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EWS is a 10% reservation for economically weaker section of Forward caste or General category who do not cover under any other reservation. The person who does not come under OBC, SC, ST reservation but belongs to EWS is applicable for 10% reservation in Indian government jobs. Eligibility criteria based on their income and assets have been listed. No person from any category is eligible for it.

Rangaraj Pandey has tweeted, “I was in a thought that anybody who has not applied through other reservations can use EWS reservation. Just understood that persons who are not covered under any other schemes of reservation only can apply for EWS. My mistake”.

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Rangaraj has published a brief video in 2019 on 10% reservation, in which, “The government has not said EWS is for upper caste, but it should be said as a General category. This 10% reservation is for General category”, he said clearly. But now he has said that anyone from any category, not just the General category can apply for the EWS reservation.


Similarly, the present Tamil Nadu BJP President Annamalai has claimed last year that EWS is for all category people including the OBC category which is misinformation. Later he tweeted that he is correcting the misinformation said by him.

The social media users are commenting on how can an experienced Journalist who is in the field for several years like Rangaraj can not know who can utilise EWS, and it is not acceptable to give misinformation in a video and to explain the mistake on Twitter. Additionally, the clip where Rangaraj spoke on the misinformation about EWS is not yet removed from the video.

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