This article is from Mar 24, 2021

Fake Twitter account to make people believe the fake poll of AIADMK victory!

The media, the AIADMK’s official Twitter page, the IT wing and many right-wing supporters shared that the poll, conducted jointly by the Democracy Network and Ungal Kural, had revealed that the AIADMK would win 122 seats.

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Meanwhile, we published a fact check article (March 22) claiming that the poll itself was fake. We were referring to the denial statement issued by the Democracy Times Network and the removal of the news item published on the Dinamani website about the poll.

After we published the article that the poll published under the name of Democracy Network and Ungal Kural is fake, there are Twitter posts published under the name of Democracy Network.

Examining the Twitter page called Democracy Network, that page was created on March 22nd, on the same day we published the article, and the posts we have been published. Also, they are sharing the table image spread on other news and social websites on that page. They did not post anything like the pdf package of the poll they took.

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The organization, which claims to be one of India’s leading market research and poll agencies, claims to be absent from the social networking site. They do not have a social networking page or website.

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More than that, ”they have only 6 followers initially. They call themselves the leading company in India. Have you seen them before? ” Asked by a Twitter user to Yaswant Deshmukh, founder and CEO of C-Voter. To which he replies, “Not yet.”

If you look at the recent followers, retweeters of the Democracy Network Twitter page and who shared the tweet posts, there are more Twitter handles in the name of AIADMK and BJP. There is no indication for the side of the leading company conducting a poll.

Meanwhile, there was also a call from someone who spoke nervously to the Youturn side that the poll was published by an organization called Ungal Kural, but none of those who do this provides adequate evidence makes it clear what the truth is.

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