This article is from Feb 05, 2021

Excessive worship and extreme insults on celebrities… Fans should think!

We are able to see different opinions coming up regarding the farmer’s agricultural protests. Screen stars and cricketers have expressed their views. Their comments have sparked various debates.

There is both great support and great opposition to an individual’s opinion in various debates. Looking at these two, we have to ask a question. The question now is how a fan sees his favourite movie star or athlete and the way he reacts to their opinions.

We either place excessive celebration or excessive insults on a public figure. The question comes from the way the fan celebrates his or her celebrity, whether the person’s opinion suddenly feels like a slap in the face and how to deal with it.

The first reason for the problem is that we celebrate Sachin when he hits several centuries and at the same time we do not realize what his individual opinions are.

Let’s celebrate Sachin’s sporting achievements, the nuances of the game, and wish him to grow further in the game, and not miss that appreciation. But if a fan concludes that Sachin is good at everything and everything he does is right, everything he says is right, and the moment he decides that he is the hero of the people; that should be questioned. The celebration of the individual achievements is warranted, however the habit of celebrating the person, needs to be questioned.

Because, apart from the fact that we have to admire the performance of a screen star, the worst place where we believe that the screen star is my leader, that he is my life, that he is the only one who can restore this country, by simulating his movie actions in his personal life; he is honest, pure, and fit with all the power to save the country.

We celebrate a star in a huge way without any indication of what their political position is, or what service he is doing for the people, without eye-opening evidence. In that, the fan attitude should be seen as a great ruin in his personal life, the extreme love and trust placed on him as an individual.

“Sachin has spoken like this? how I admire you!! I do not expect you to do this” is an expression of our disappointment. Who said he was good, his attitude and ideas being good, why did we decide in advance that this would be the case?

In the past, he was an MP. An MP who did not go to the Parliament properly and did not raise questions. An MP who went to parliament so badly that he did not take advantage of the opportunity to give a voice to the people. That is his politics. There was also a problem with his car, that he received as a gift from abroad for which he did not pay taxes properly. For that, he stated various reasons. All of that is questionable. That’s him. If we see him in a political manner he is definitely not a hero.

We always have to decide between the two – “Purpose or Person”. If we want to talk about a person, or if we want to talk about a person’s problems, we must talk about his opinion.

It’s time to stop glorifying celebrities and keeping them on a high pedestal. This is the moment when we need to put aside the habit of over-celebrating a person and think of questions for everyone. That’s the way all actors and celebrities should be looked at and that’s exactly how it should be.

~ Iyan Karthikeyan

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