Should we wear a mask or not? Confusing ‘Oneindia’ title!

One India Tamil website yesterday (June 08) published a news card on social networking sites titled, “People without a mask are allowed to travel on aeroplanes”.

But in the news card, “the DGCA said that people without a mask would not be allowed to travel on the plane. Those who refuse to wear the mask will be added to the list of those banned from traveling by air. Those who refuse will be removed from the plane”.

This caused confusion by posting something inside the message and something in the headline. Not only that, but the confusing news release has been receiving criticism.

The number of corona infections has started to rise again in some parts of the country, making it mandatory to wear masks at airports and on flights. The Civil Aviation Regulator DGCA has said that passengers who refuse to accept this would be removed before boarding or treated as unruly passengers.

On June 3, the Delhi High Court, in its order to take drastic action, had reminded us that the contagious disease was not yet over. It was informed that action should be taken under the guidelines of the Ministry of Health or DGCA if the passenger refuses to follow the norms despite being reminded.

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