This article is from Oct 01, 2020

Rumor spreading that students will be given free laptops, cell phones and 10GB internet!

Online classes for students are being held in schools and colleges in India due to the spread of the corona virus. We find that the majority of students are suffering without the smartphone and internet facility they need to attend an online class.

In this context, in name the government a forward message is spreading widely that the government will provide free laptops, 10 GB of free internet and smart phones per day to educate students in the time of Corona pandemic.

You have to go to the link given and fill in the details to get the free basis provided by the government. Forward news is spread in the name of the government which is a deliberate act of fraud.

If you go to the given link, they will ask for your personal details. There is a condition that you have to share this post in your WhatsApp including after providing the requested details.

There are numerous posts browsing the internet that lure people into the Corona’s pandemic environment. Youturn continues to post about internet fraud. People should be aware of such scams.

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