This article is from Jan 16, 2021

Warning: Same numbers for the different patient’s post who need help for treatment!!

People who are unable to cope with the cost of various major ailments, starting with cancer and physical ailments, are getting treatment money through fundraising websites. Some web systems are working for this.

Many also share on social networking sites, including Twitter and Facebook, for help by uploading the photos and hospital documents of patients and victims that are published on their respective websites.

However, the fact that there is the same one “phone number” in some of the posts shared for such a donation is shocking.

For example, Anita’s bank details and Google Pay / Phone number 9514121001 were included in the posts shared for donating to the treatment of a 1 – year – old child. The post has been going viral on social media for the past few days.

Photos and documents were taken from a fundraising site called ketto while searching for a reverse image of a baby photo. It has been a few days since the fundraising for the baby ended and the photo of the baby has been shared on social media asking for funds.

Similarly, many people have seen the same number 9514121001 being shared on social networking sites in shared posts asking for funds. In some posts, bank account details are shared directly with only the Google / Phone Pay number without any hospital documents.

When we contact the ketto on call, regarding this fund rising they said “We do not provide Google / Phone Pay numbers. If required, we will provide bank account details and contact details of those involved. ”

The families and acquaintances of the recipients may also have personal fundraising. But, since same number 9514121001 has been published on the many posts, it seems that someone is doing this deliberately. When we contact this number 9514121001, they didn’t attend the call. Celebrities and those with a large number of followers are known to delete their posts as it was a false record.

Countless poor, simple people who are struggling without money for hospital treatment have access to some websites for fundraising. Fundraising ends with posts being shared on social networking sites asking for help, some for fake and some for likes. With things like this, the helping mindset is going to be unable to help those in need.

If you have a mind to donate, if you find such things, you can explore the relevant fundraising website and contact those in need directly to inquire. Help the right ones, be careful!

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