This article is from Oct 15, 2021

India’s global hunger index falls to 101 among 116 countries !

India’s global hunger index falls to 101 among 116 countries in 2021. India is behind the neighbouring countries Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. India ranked 94 last year out of 107 countries.

The global hunger index is calculated based on malnutrition, low Body Mass Index of children below 5 years, under-five mortality rates and children who have low weight for their age.

The 2021 report received data from 135 countries but have evaluated only 116 countries data informing that the remaining 19 countries did not have enough data to proceed.

Pakistan ranks 92, Nepal and Bangladesh rank 76 and Sri Lanka 65. The least rank 116 in the index is taken by Somalia.

The global index score of India is 27.5 now and was 27.2 last year because of which India is categorised under the ‘serious’ category which has a total of 30 countries.

Indian has developed from 37.4 to 28.8 global index score from 2006 to 2012. But has only a slight development from 28.8 to 27.5 from 2012 to 2021.

The 18 countries including China that has a similar population as India have a global index score of less than 5.

The report has predicted that 47 countries across the world would go below the minimum expected range of the global hunger index in 2030. The report mentions clashes between the countries, climate change, coronavirus pandemic as the reasons.

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2021 Global Hunger Index

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