This article is from Aug 17, 2020

Beware of fake numbers that claim to be Google Pay, Flipkart customer care number

As well as online usage increases, online scams also increased simultaneously. In particular, it is normal to call a customer care number when we face any issue in connection with a transaction problem. As such, that are prevalent when searching for customer service numbers on Google, people are often unaware that scams are being perpetrated by fake numbers.

The phone number “7866844996” has been shared on a Facebook page claiming to be a Google Pay customer number. That phone number could be identified as spam. Similarly, the same number is spread out as a Flipkart customer care number. Thus, they are committing scams by mentioning all online company’s customer care number.

Fake numbers such as Google, Flipkart as well as customer care numbers of companies including Uber, Swiggy, Zomato, Amazon are being spread on social networking sites including Facebook. Customer care numbers of online companies will be provided on the official site of the respective companies. Other than that, don’t lose money by contacting fake numbers that spread on Google and social websites.


A college student who ordered biryani through Uber Eats at Chennai in 2019 later cancelled the order and lost Rs 40,000 by contacting a fake customer number on Google. Similarly, another guy ordered sweets for Rs 200 through Zomato in Hyderabad. He lost Rs 70,000 by contacting a fake customer care number through Google to get the money back. There have been various incidents of people losing money due to fake customer care numbers browsing the internet. Therefore, do not lose money by relying on fake customer care numbers.


Fake customer care centres duping people of thousands


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