Gruesome murder case in Delhi referred with brutal memes with no conscience on social media

Aaftab Poonawala was arrested earlier this month as he confessed to killing Shraddha Walkar, his live-in partner since 2019, following frequent quarrels over her wish to get married. On May 18, 2022, he allegedly murdered her in the bedroom of their rented apartment, chopped her body into nearly 35 pieces, and kept them in the fridge for a few days before dumping them gradually across Delhi.

Some of the severed body parts have been recovered while the others are still under search. The weapon used to kill her is yet to be recovered. The accused is taken into remand and further investigation is underway. This incident shocked the country as the accused reportedly bought a new fridge to store chopped body parts before dumping it.

Several such spine-chilling incidents are happening often in our Country, but this incident gained a lot of attention and draw flak as the accused Aaftab Poonawale is a Muslim and the victim Shraddha Walkar is a Hindu. The victim is mocked by many for trusting a Muslim and posts lecturing Hindu girls to not believe Muslim boys can be seen all over social media platforms.

Hashtags like ‘Mera Abdul Aisa Nahi Hei’ are being made viral and going a step ahead, memes were created and shared relating to the murder most of which mock the victim, lecture Hindu girls, or seem to be abusing the other religion.

A Twitter user shared a video screen grab of a Tanishq advertisement that gained controversy earlier for featuring a Hindu-Muslim love story, mentioning “Dekh beta Left side me Fridge he aur Right side me Suitcase he tujhe kisme jana he teri choice” which roughly translates as “fridge is on the left side and suitcase is on the right side, the choice is yours”. Several memes with the image of Tanishq advertisement are being circulated.

Another Twitter user shared a meme that mentions ‘Sorry, this is just funny’ to convey the use of the fridge in Shraddha’s murder.

A Twitter user shared a meme saying what happens to girls who follow ‘adharma’ and to those who follow ‘dharma’.

The murder case is turning communal as politicians and the party supporters are terming it as’Love Jihad’.

Several memes are shared mocking the victim on the Facebook page ‘Aftab Poonawalla Fridge Posting’ and in addition, the memes are reacted with humour emojis by many.

People enjoying endless memes referring to a gruesome murder is visible on social media platforms.

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