BJP leader staggered intoxicated in alcohol-prohibited Gujarat… 18 people died after drinking spurious liquor!

India’s first tribal woman President, Draupadi Murmu contested on behalf of the BJP alliance and won. For this, various programs were organized by the BJP all over the country.

On June 24, a program was organized by the BJP to celebrate the victory of Draupadi Murmu in Chhota Udepur district, which has a large population of tribals in Gujarat. A video of the party’s district president Rashmikant Vasava, who participated in the event under the influence of alcohol is viral on social media.

In the video, Rashmikant Vasava can be seen walking unsteadily with another person’s support, and was helped to reach the stage by someone, also falls asleep while sitting on the seat.

After the video of BJP leader Rashmikant Vasava went viral on social media, several parties including Congress and Aam Aadmi Party condemned it. Subsequently, Rashmikant Vasava has sent a letter resigning from his post following the order of Gujarat BJP president CR Patil.

Gujarat BJP state general secretary Bhargav Bhatt, “Vasava has offered to resign to stay away from the controversy. The party did not demand his resignation. However, he is not the district president now. We are investigating the incident to see if he behaved so due to any illness or if the allegations against him are true,” said.

In a viral video of a BJP district president under the influence of alcohol in Gujarat, BJP minister Nimisha Sudhakar can also be seen.

18 people died after drinking spurious liquor:

The production, sale and consumption of alcohol in Gujarat is banned by the state government. At the same time, there have been several reports of liquor being sold and caught in the counterfeit market.

18 people have died after drinking liquor in Gujarat. Also, more than 20 people are under treatment in the hospitals of Bhodad, Bhavnagar and Ahmedabad. It is said that the death toll may rise as they are in a critical stage. In this regard, the police have arrested a few related to the spurious alcohol sale in the village.

In Gujarat where alcohol prohibition is in effect, the district president of the ruling BJP participated in the program under the influence of alcohol, while on the other hand, the incident of many people dying after drinking spurious liquor in the state has spread throughout the country.


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