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Mysterious metal in Gujarat? Alien work or human advertisement?

Its three-dimensional metal, known as the Monolith, which has appeared in many countries and caused a stir around the world, has been spotted in India. Many people have invaded the Symphony Forest Park in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, following reports of a metal pillar.

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But, the pillar that goes viral is not something mysterious. On such a pillar, numbers are engraved. Also, it is installed by the management of the park. According to Dilip Patel, Assistant Director, Parks and Gardens, Ahmedabad Corporation, the World Pillar was set up on behalf of the private company that maintains the Symphony Forest Park with the aim of attracting more visitors, according to the Indian Express.

On November 18, wildlife officials found a 10-12-foot-tall metal pillar while flying in a helicopter in the desert in the U.S. state of Utah. However, after the news of the metal pillar went viral, photos of two unidentified men removing the pillar were released. 

This was followed by reports of metal pillars in California and Romania in the United States. Subsequently, photos were released of a mysterious pillar in the British Isles of Wit. However, this time the glass pillar was installed instead of the metal pillar.

In addition to these two countries, successive pillars began to sprout in the lands of Romania, Glastonbury in Britain and Dortmore, Belgium, Poland, and Adelaide in Australia.

News spread from various angles as to whether the mysterious metal pillars that appeared on Earth were installed by aliens or whether their arrival was related to this.

However, the group ” The Most Famous Artist ” was reportedly responsible for planting the metal pillars in Utah and California, where the metal pillar first appeared.

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The group posted on their Instagram page on December 3 that the metal pillar found in Utah was selling for $ 45,000. He has also published a number of photographs, including the making and carrying of metal pillars.

After this, Tom Dunford, who designed the glass pillar that appeared in Britain, admitted that he designed the glass pillar out of interest in the metal pillar that appeared in Utah. The National Trust disposed of the broken glass pillar, which had been placed on the property owned by the National Trust, and published the broken pieces for sale on the e-bay website.

Among the mysterious pillars that appeared on Earth in 2020 were those found in the Isle of Wight, including Utah, California and the British Isles of Wit. Subsequently, monolithic pillars were erected in many parts of the world. The park management has set up a metal pillar to attract people to Gujarat, India.

It is common for people to use such tactics to advertise and do business, causing a stir. This is not an Alien Mystery, it is a human game!

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