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Is it true that research articles state that a mini fan increases oxygen levels? | Detailed explanation of the doctor!

A week ago, the video of Healer Bhaskar stating that “not wearing a mask and placing a fan near his nose will increase the oxygen flow” caught the attention of social media sites, including WhatsApp.

In this regard, an interview conducted by Youturn’s Editor Iyan Karthikeyan with ICMR Scientist Ganesh Kumar, in that video he answered the question raised about Healer Basker’s claim that placing a mini fan near the nose would increase oxygen flow is completely a false statement. Youturn has already published a detailed news article based on this interview.

In a video, Parisalon reaffirmed Healer Bhaskar’s claim that “putting a fan near the nose increases oxygen levels”. Readers were asked to post the video and the news about it.

In the video, he speaks in support of Healer Basker’s claim, citing the results of a 2010 clinical trial report posted at the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCIB).

When asked about its clinical trial, Dr Praveen said, “The study was performed on 50 people with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (such as asthma and lung cancer). In that study, they are advised to use a fan when they feel shortness of breath. They then detect an improvement from their suffocation, the main point of which is that the study found no improvement in their suffocation except in oxygen levels.

Such studies have been ongoing since 1987. The University of Cambridge also advises patients with chronic asthma to use a portable fan. They said in the study that there was no evidence that the use of an aerator increased blood oxygen levels (SaO2).

So here are the things we need to clarify:

1.This mini fan near the face system is the oldest technique used in 1987. 

2. Although Healer Basker is a natural medicine consultant, it is very amazing to be advised of modern medicine and that too based on the data given to him by his followers.

3. All of these techniques are for chronic persistent shortness of breath and not for the corona. (Despite severe respiratory problems due to corona, no studies have been conducted on this)

4. Breathing comfort is one thing and increasing oxygen levels is another.

5. The aerators do not increase the oxygen level except to keep the airflow at a comfortable level.

6. Dr Praveen had therefore elaborated that please follow the government guidelines and the advice of the doctors and take medical treatment.

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When we published the above article, we were asked to comment and explain some other research articles related to a portable fan.

In a study published in ersjournals, they discussed 3 different tests (BIS, CHAFF, FAB tests). They interviewed about 140 patients. These are not Covid patients. They are patients with COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease). The patient’s relief is confirmed by questions and a telephone interview. They never checked the oxygen level (no oximeter or blood gas analysis used). These are stable patients with low oxygen levels. They diagnose the patient’s experience after giving the portable fan and confirm the patient’s comfort. However, the main issue of oxygen level and arterial blood flow has not been addressed, ”explained Dr Praveen.

Based on the doctor’s explanation, healer Basker and Parisalon’s claim that placing a handheld fan near the nose increases oxygen levels have been substantiated by research papers is totally a misleading and false statement. It is clear that the oxygen level did not increase and there was no mention of it.

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