A public prosecutor called someone who said he would abduct and rape Muslim women as a ‘respectable mahant’!

The co-founder of Alt News, Mohammed Zubair, has been posting hate speech of Hindu leaders against Muslims over the past few months, on Twitter. After the Nupur Sharma issue, the Delhi Police registered a case against Zubair for a Twitter post he posted four years ago.

Also, the Uttar Pradesh Police registered a case against Zubair based on a Twitter post that he posted as “hater mongers” about Mahant Bajrang Muni, Yathi Narasinganand and Swami Anand Swaroop, alleging that they continued to incite hatred against Muslims.

Speaking on the bail plea of ​​Mohammed Zubair, Additional Solicitor General SV Raju, “Bajrang Muni is a “respected mahant” and has many followers from Sitapur. If you call a religious leader a hate-monger, it creates problems.

By calling a religious leader a hate monger you are trying to promote religious disunity and misogyny among different types of people. If you are a good person you could have sent a letter to the police. Why did you tweet?”, he told in court.

But Bajrang Muni, who was described as a “respected mahant” by the ASG of the state, had threatened to rape Muslim women in his hate speech.

A video of Bajrang Muni speaking in UP’s Sitapur in April saying, “Even if a Hindu woman is molested, I will bring your daughters and the women in your house and rape them” in the presence of police officers, went viral on social media. A case was registered against him after his hate speech went viral. Zubair posted this video on Twitter.

Hours after Bajrang Muni was booked for hate speech, he released an apologizing video. However, Bajrang Muni was arrested and released after 2 weeks. But after coming out, he said, “I have no guilt in what I said. I will go to jail 1000 times to protect religion and women.”

News media outlets also published the video of Bajrang Muni’s speech which Zubair posted as hate speech. Zubair also posted the news of Bajrang Muni’s arrest on Twitter.

Although the Supreme Court granted interim bail to Zubair for 5 days, it was said that he will remain in judicial custody in the case registered by Delhi Police. Zubair’s defence in the Supreme Court said, “People who have published hate speech have been released on bail. But the person who exposed them is in jail.”


Bajrang Muni A Respected Religious Leader; Zubair’s Tweet Offended His Followers : UP Police To Supreme Court

Sitapur Mahant Bajrang Muni Das Hate Speech: 

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