This article is from Apr 02, 2021

Vijayabaskar’s viral poster that he will lose his life if he loses the election!

Health Minister Vijayabaskar and DMK’s Palaniappan are contesting from the Viralimalai constituency. In this context, there were news reports, including Dinamalar, states that the two candidates contesting in the Viralimalai constituency had threatened to kill themselves if they failed.

A poster states that “those who come to town for the polls in just 10 days and cast their ballots will threaten people they will lose their lives if they have not won in the election, what will be my decision to stand by the people who served these people for 10 years, day and night, in every difficult time? The decision is in your hands, ”a poster with Minister Vijayabaskar’s tearful photo went viral on social media.

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Such a poster and a screenshot of the news published on the website Top Tamil News are spreading like wildfire on social media. In this case, Vijaya Bhaskar himself has denied the allegations against him.

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On Vijayabaskar’s official Facebook page, “This is completely false news! The trust I have in the good deeds I have done for the people of my constituency and in my people is as high and firm as the Himalayas. I don’t even know how to think such cowardly words… I am filled with positive thoughts.

Only the messages and photos I post on my Facebook (Dr.C.Vijayabaskar), Twitter (vijayabaskarofl) Instagram (vijayabaskarofl) pages are completely real! I am not responsible for news about me on other posts or other pages. I repeat that this poster message is completely false and portrayed in a way that brings me into disrepute. ”

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