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Tamil people’s infertility increases due to alcohol said H.Raja… Is Kaunanidhi the sole reason for it?

Major commitment in the manifestos of most of the political parties in Tamil Nadu is prohibiting liquor by reducing Tasmac shops step by step. However, till now liquor sales seem to be increasing in Tamil Nadu. Meanwhile, H.Raja has spoken that Tamil people’s fertility has reduced and artificial insemination has increased because of liquor shops.

H.Raja visited the BJP members who were arrested for protesting against the inauguration of the new tasmac shop in Silvaarpatti, Dindigul. He said in an interview to the media, “30 years back, placards were placed insisting people for family planning after 2 kids. But now those places have infertility centres. The Dravidian parties which came to rule in the name of Tamil and Tamilian… It is brought in after Karunanidhi come to power, there were no liquor shops before 1969. The first liquor shop and alcohol shop were opened only after Karunanidhi come to power. This leads to Tamilians infertility”.

Tamil Nadu’s Alcohol Prohibition History:

During British rule, there was no objection to selling or consuming alcohol. Congress party tried to bring alcohol prohibition since the times of freedom fighting. Provinces including Chennai has accepted it. Omandur Ramasamy’s efforts has brought in Alcohol Prohibition Act in 1948.

Starting from 1948, Alcohol Prohibition Act was in existence for more than 20 years, and this continued in Anna’s rule also. This act was unenforceable for the government of other provinces due to loss of revenue and law and order issues. When the Congress government tried to bring the Act to the whole of India in 1970 most of the states could not go with it. Tamil Nadu and Gujarat had the act in existence by then.

Karunanidhi pointed out liquor sales in neighbouring states and postponed the Alcohol Prohibition Act from 30th August 1971 mentioning it as a temporary action. However, the act was followed again after a few years in Tamil Nadu. Karunanidhi informed the closure of toddy shops in 1973 and liquor shops in 1974. But none speaks about it.

After Karunanidhi, MGR ruled Tamil Nadu and the Alcohol Prohibition Act too continued in Tamil Nadu. But the act is banned in 1981 by MGR’s government and ordered to open toddy shops and liquor shops due to counterfeit spirits, law and order issues and administration crisis. The government gained 183 crores as a first-year income. Private liquor shops also existed by then. The liquor shops were opened permanently during MGR’s rule.

Karunanidhi who came to power in 1989 after MGR’s demise introduced low-cost alcohol. There were protests among women against alcohol like now. Jayalalitha who came to power after that banned alcohol. In 2003, she brought in liquor sales directly by the government. Liquor quantities such as mini quarters come into the sale. And it is still being followed.

It was promised to reduce the tasmac shops step by step when Jayalalitha was in rule. Despite which party is ruling Tamil Nadu, liquor sale is on all the times. The number of liquor shops is now beyond 5000 across Tamil Nadu with an income of 30 thousand crores per year.

BJP is in alliance with ADMK and is protesting against alcohol shops now. But they do not speak about the tasmac shops opened during the ADMK rule. Though Karunanidhi is the one to open the shops first, he is the one to close them during the same regime. We should accept that both the parties ADMK and DMK depend majorly on income from liquor sale.

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