This article is from Jun 28, 2021

Scam Alert – ICE App! Looted up to lakhs from victims!

As technology grows, on one hand, cybercrime and the incidents of money laundering through gambling continue to take place on the other hand.

There are many families who have lost their normal lives and adequate income and who all are affected by corona are unable to meet their general cash needs. So far, there have been a number of online scams targeting students in college and school, as well as housewives, who have to contribute to the income so that they can make money from home. Many people are disappointed because these are not like gambling but some of them ready to pay for the work without knowing its authenticity. One such scam is the ICE APP scam.

Ice App is a scam app that takes place on the basis of social networking sites. One of the victims contacted us and tell more about that app. Accordingly, you must pay a certain amount (7000 to 1 lakh) and join it. Links to Like and Share will be provided according to the amount paid. If you like a link, you will get Rs.15. For example, if a person joins a 30 thousand plan he will be given 97 links per day. So you can earn Rs.1500. The charm of this is that you can earn 45000 rupees in a month.

If we pay for a 30 thousand plan, a certain amount is returned to us in the account in that app’s wallet. (This amount varies from person to person. He said that he was given Rs 12,000 in a wallet with Rs 30,000 and another friend got only Rs 3,000.) That amount can be deposited in our bank account. But this cannot be done on Saturdays and Sundays. The person who spoke to us joined on Saturday and waited until Monday to transfer the money to the bank account. But they have also demanded Rs 2,500 in the name of tax and Rs 500 for the transaction. These guys have a number of WhatsApp groups. The person who contacted us is in group number 80. There were 300 people per group. Of these, only team leaders, known as admins, can send messages. He said the individuals who paid money got threatened to freeze their bank accounts if they contacted them alone or texted to report their complaints.

When we contacted the admin numbers of the Ice app WhatsApp group to ask for an explanation, they were all foreign numbers and virtual numbers and could not be contacted as their connection was disconnected.

Also, the Iceapp website is completely down so no information related to that app and website ( can be collected.

Similar scams are taking place in the name of powerbank like this Ice app Fraud. Such scams targeting professional youth aside, there are many scams that take advantage of the ignorance of adults to extort money.

People look for scams to get the details of the bank accounts by claiming that they give the gift, there are some problems in the account, the ATM is out of date, they call you for some verification and pretend to call from the banks and get the OTP number and withdraw the money in the account.

People should be aware that no bank will ask for details about OTP number, ATM forest four-digit password.

Frauds focused on the corona are also ongoing nowadays. One of them is vaccine booking fraud. They call you and tell you that they are booking you for the vaccine.

Other Online Scams:

All the necessary items are available on the Internet… Many people shop online because of the corona period and convenience. While it is not wrong to shop like this, but you can lose money if not handled properly.

In the case of an online shopping scam, Nowadays anyone can create a website or app that is systematic and trustworthy. But that does not mean they are all safe.

The daughter of Delhi Chief Minister Kejriwal also faced a similar scam like this. He advertised on the popular sales site OLX to sell an old sofa. Seeing this, the cyber fraud gang approached him and bought a bank account to buy the sofa and gave him a small amount of money to gain his trust. They then asked her to scan a QR code, claiming that they would pay the amount stated by her to buy the sofa. Continuing on this, 34 thousand rupees were robbed from her bank account.

If someone wants to give us money we just have to send them a QR code or link and people who transact online money transactions know that we should not go to the link they sent. However, it is necessary to be a little careful if the young people who have experience in it are deceived.

Not only this, many people are constantly being deceived by various types of scams like service centre scams, employment opportunity scam, porn video links scam, insurance scams and etc.

What to do :

It is important to know how to handle the internet properly. Do not trust all the news and phone calls coming on social websites. If it is a matter of money you need to confirm several times, you can even check with official websites of that app, or any other trusted blog reviews. If there is a problem with the bank account, you should call the concerned bank and clarify it immediately.

If you are a social media user, follow some official Government social media pages like You can also found some related news on it.

Let everyone know about online fraud… educate them about these scams, online transactions and safety protocols and be ask them to careful with scammers!

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