Rajapaksa not sent to India, India will not send army – Indian Embassy!

Due to the economic crisis in Sri Lanka, the people of Sri Lanka are in a series of protests against the ruling government. Mahinda Rajapaksa resigned as Prime Minister of Sri Lanka due to the people’s strong opposition. Riots and violence are taking place across the country.

It has been reported that Mahinda Rajapaksa, who resigned as Prime Minister, is planning to flee abroad. In particular, it is all over social media that he went to India. However, the Indian embassy in Sri Lanka has denied that he went to India on social media.

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May 10, 2022, dated Tweet of the Indian embassy, ‘India in Sri Lanka’ says, “The High Commission has recently noticed rumors circulating in sections of media & social media that certain political persons and their families have fled to India. These are fake and blatantly false reports, devoid of any truth or substance. High Commission strongly denies them.”

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Subsequently, on May 11, the account tweeted, “The High Commission would like to categorically deny speculative reports in sections of media and social media about India sending her troops to Sri Lanka. These reports and such views are also not in keeping with the position of the Government of India. The Spokesperson of Ministry of External Affairs of India clearly stated yesterday that India is fully supportive of Sri Lanka’s democracy, stability and economic recovery.”

It has been reported that Mahinda Rajapaksa and his family have taken refuge in pillow house at Trincomalee Naval base.

As the situation in Sri Lanka worsens day by day, questions arise as to what will happen next in the country’s politics and economy.

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