Uttar Pradesh saw the most atrocities against Dalits – 2021 NCRB report !

National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) functioning under the Union Home Ministry has published its report “Crime in India 2021” recently.

According to these reports, crimes/atrocities against Dalits are increasing for the past three years, with no sign of slowing down.

Murder, Robbery, rapes are the leading crimes against Dalits. Men, women & even children are all victims of crimes and violence without any disparity.


According to the report, Atrocities/Crimes against Scheduled Caste people were recorded in 50,744 instances in 2021. In 2019 and 2020 it was 45,876 and 50,202 respectively. We can see a clear upward trend in crimes against Scheduled Castes.

Uttar Pradesh has got the infamous numero uno position in having the most instances of violences against Scheduled Caste people with 13,146 instances just in 2021 alone.

Rajasthan comes second with 7,524 which is only a half compared to Uttar Pradesh. Madhya Pradesh closely follows Rajasthan with 7,214 instances of crimes/atrocities committed against Dalits.

Even in Tamil Nadu, we can observe the upward trend, albeit in a relatively low volume overall. Crimes/atrocities against Dalits of Tamil Nadu was 1,144 cases in 2019. It rose to 1274 in 2020 and 1377 in 2021.


In 2021, a total of 990 Dalits have been murdered. With 201 murders, Uttar Pradesh accounts for 20% of all Dalit murders in the country. With 176 murders, Bihar accounts for 17.7%  and Madhya Pradesh  stands third with 93 murders (9.3%).

Karnataka and Rajasthan account for 86 and 85 murders respectively. Tamil Nadu comes sixth with 53 murders (5.3%).

Attempt to Murder

There were 1045 instances of attempt to commit murder in 2021. Karnataka has the highest attempt to murder Dalits with 167 instances. Bihar, Maharashtra and Uttar Pradesh follow with 158, 134 and 107 respectively. Rajasthan had 90 attempt to commit murders. Tamil Nadu saw 61 instances of attempt to murder.


There were 3893 incidents of rape of Scheduled Caste women in 2021. Rajasthan has the highest rape cases at 573 followed by Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh 565 and 561 cases respectively. Telangana and Haryana each account for 256 rapes and in Tamil Nadu, 123 Dalit women were subject to rape.

There were 1287 Dalit children raped in India. Madhya Pradesh had the highest cases of 189 Dalit children raped. It is followed by Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh, Telangana and Karnataka with 163, 145, 119 and 118 respectively. In Tamil Nadu, 89 children were raped.

After the release of this report, Scheduled Caste people in India are worried about their precarious situation in the country. The Scheduled Caste people’s financial position has not increased to any significant numbers, whereas crimes/atrocities against scheduled caste people continue to rise.


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