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Tamil Nadu is the only state that has provided 100% electricity to government schools! Do you know the status of the Union government ?

Recently, the Ministry of Education has released yet another report which focuses on School education. This Unified District Information system of School education Plus (UDISE+) survey report has discussed several important data that includes no. of students, no.of schools, Enrollment ratio, dropout rates, gender parity etc.. One such topic is ‘Social Infrastructure in Schools’ which provides clarity on quality of education that the World’s largest democracy is offering to its citizens.. This Educational survey conducted by UDISE+ is based on the collected data of more than 15 lakhs schools (15,07,708) across the country.

In the Covid era, where Digital means of education has become the only way to continue the studies (as of now) , the report reveals that only 12% government schools in the country have Internet facilities during the academic year 2019-2020

According to this report, the total number of Government schools and aided schools in India are 10,32,570 and 84362 respectively. While comparing between the states, Tamilnadu has a meagre number of government schools for its population.

Total Number of Schools in TN – 58,897
No. Of Government and aided schools – 37,579 + 8,328
No. of Private Schools – 12,382
Other Schools – 608

Andhra pradesh and Karnataka have 45,115 and 49,834 government schools respectively. These states have more or less same population as Tamilnadu.

According to the report, Tamilnadu is the only state which has 100% functional electricity connection in schools. Gujarat and Punjab follow with more than 99%. While most of the states cross the 80% mark , North-eastern state Tirupura (37%), Meghalaya (21%) performs worst. Uttar Pradesh (76%), Rajasthan (73%) , Odisha (66%) are the states that are struggling to provide sufficient electricity to its schools.

With regards to availability of a properly functioning drinking water facility , it paints a similar picture. Among the states Tamilnadu and Gujarat tops with 100% and 99% respectively. Nearly two third of the states cross the 90% mark. Meghalaya yet again comes as the worst (37%). Arunachal Pradesh follows by 63%.

Essential yet scanty toilet facilities have always been a problem for India even outside the school compound. However , the report suggests that most of the schools in India have proper toilet facilities. West Bengal tops with 99.74% on functional boys toilets in schools . It is important to note that 99.92% of the state’s government schools have proper boys toilets. Tamilnadu’s overall percentage is 97.33 which is trailing behind it’s neighbours, Karnataka and Kerala. Andra’s 62% and Assam’s 31% is among the worst in the country.

Women’s toilet – West Bengal tops with 99.75% and Tamilnadu follows with 99.67%. 67% is just unacceptable for a state like Andhra Pradesh. Assam’s 28% points out ridiculous infrastructure. Meghalaya is again on the poorer side of the toilet facilities with 67%.


Even in this digital era, in normal times the internet and computer facilities would have been least of concern when compared to proper drinking water and toilet facilities. But these are no normal times, the students have to depend on smartphones and the internet to attend classes. Physical classrooms are replaced by Google classrooms. On the other side of the spectrum, the schools should also have proper internet and computer facilities not only to facilitate coaching but also to accommodate the near future where the internet plays an important role in education. So, where does India stand?

Computer facility :

Indian Schools having internet facility – 37%
Government Schools – 28%
Government Aided – 61%
Private Schools – 58%

Kerala tops with a whopping 92% overall , where of the state’s 92.76% of government schools have computers compared to 89% of private.
Tamilnadu comes second with 76.55% overall. Government schools % is 79 and for private it is 89%

Internet facility :

Indian Schools having internet facility – 22.28%
Government School – 11.58%
Government Aided – 42%
Private Schools – 50%

Irrespective of the states, most of the government schools do not have internet facilities. To make it clear, in most of the states , government schools internet facility percentage is nearly one third of the private ones. Even worse in other states.

Kerala tops in providing internet facilities irrespective of management. Gujarat follows. These are the only two states in India which have appreciable internet facilities.

The numbers of Tamilnadu look disheartening like other states. TN’s overall percentage is 31.95 . The most problematic thing is 75% of TN’s private schools have internet while the percentage of internet facilities in government schools is staggering 17%

Sane looking of these percentages on internet facilities will prove the daunting inequality in quality of education that is offered to the citizens. Percentages of internet facilities show that a state like Tamil Nadu, which revolutionized social justice by bringing in various welfare schemes such as free bus pass, free bicycle, free lunch scheme and free laptop scheme to get children into school classrooms, has failed to update itself in line with the times. Now that the Internet is the future, providing the best internet accessibility to everyone will be a sign to progressive India.

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