India ahead of China in Air Force.. Do you know the background of the site that published the rankings?

News articles claiming “India ranks third in the world’s largest military aircraft fleets overtaking China”, are going viral on social media across India. And, the Thanthi TV channel published the article with the title, “This is just a trailer Ma ..! India screams at China!”.


“The Indian Air Force has overtaken the Chinese Air Force in the Global Air Powers Ranking 2022, released by the World Directory of Modern Military Aircraft (WDMMA). The True Value Rating is based on the strength, efficiency and modernization of each country’s Air Force without considering just their strength based on the size of their total fleet.

Accordingly, the Indian Air Force (IAF) currently has a total of 1,645 aircraft. People’s liberation army force (China) despite having 2,040 aircraft, is behind India as it has a 63.8 TvR rating wherein India is with 69.4 points according to the TvR rating. The United States and the Russian Air Force are in the top two”, mentions all the viral news and articles.

What is the background?

A search of the WDMMA website, which released the viral rankings of India overtaking China in the Air Force, turned up no sign of a credible site for analyzing and publishing data as an organization.

On this website, details about flights in each country are featured separately. Then, only the rankings for 2022 have been published.

However, the website does not even have the basic information needed for an official site, such as contact numbers and email IDs. In addition, the website was created in 2019.

While the WDMMA website itself is not official and credible, it is not clear on what basis news sites, including Thanthi TV, are publishing the news based on the rankings published by that website. In particular, none of the leading news organizations in India has published news on this.

A few days ago, it was on the news that China was building a second bridge over the Chinese-occupied Pangong area on India’s border, which gained criticism to the BJP government. In this situation, it is being spread that the Indian Air Force has overtaken China based on the ranking of an unreliable website.

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