‘Made in China’ Indian Flags in the hands of Speakers !

India’s Parliament Speaker Om Birla and State Assembly Speakers participated in the 65th Commonwealth Parliamentary Association held in Halifax, Canada from August 22 to 26.

When the Indian Speakers went for a rally in the area where this conference was held, the Indian national flag used by them had a tag saying “Made In China” which is becoming controversial.

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The national flag carried by the speakers is made of 100 percent polyester fabric in China, the tag says. It is said that State Speakers have reportedly appealed to Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla about the ‘Made In China’ tag on the national flag.

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Only recently, the Union Government brought an amendment to allow polyester and machine-made national flags in India.

Recently, the Union government has brought an amendment to allow the manufacturing of polyester and machine-made national flags which were handloom and fabric including cotton earlier. There were various objections to this.

In this case, the use of a polyester national flag made in China in a conference attended by the Indian Lok Sabha and state speakers abroad has caused severe criticism and controversy.

In this regard, Speaker Appavu, who participated in the conference on behalf of Tamil Nadu, said, “It is true that the words ‘Made in China’ appeared on the national flag. When the flag parade was led by the Speaker of the Parliament, we saw the flag in his hand with a “Made in China” tag. When informed about this to Parliament Speaker Om Birla, he laughed. But all the Speakers were in agony. In India itself, as far as Tamilnadu is concerned, there is a lot of printing press in Erode, Sivakasi, Karur, and Namakkal, and even 100 crore national flags can be printed in the morning if informed the previous night. I don’t know why there was a need to import,” he said.

The Prime Minister had instructed people to hoist the national flag across the country on the occasion of the 75th Independence Day celebrations. Using a flag made in China at the Commonwealth Conference held in Canada 10 days after Independence Day is considered an act of insult to the Indian national flag.

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