No charge for extra weight in luggage policy: Ministry of Railways!

In the last few days, it is viral that the Indian Ministry of Railways has announced new luggage policies that carrying 35 to 70 kg of luggage is free of charge in train depending on the class of passengers, and extra charges to be paid for additional weight, and if found carrying luggage without pre-booking six times the normal fare is to be paid under the new restrictions.

On May 29, the Railway Ministry posted on its Twitter page, “Do not travel by  train carrying more luggage. In case of excess baggage, go to the parcel office and book the luggage”. Since then news about the charge for extra luggage began to emerge.

Passengers in AC first class can carry up to 70kg of luggage free of charge, those in AC 2-tier sleeper can carry up to 50kg of free luggage, and those in AC 3-tier sleeper can carry up to 40kg of free luggage and the second class can carry up to 35kg of free luggage. It was said that a minimum charge of Rs 30 has been fixed for extra luggage that’s been carried more than the specified weight.

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In this situation, “News item covered on some social media/digital news platforms that the luggage policy of railways has recently been changed, is incorrect.

It is hereby clarified that no change has been made in the recent past and the existing luggage policy is enforced for more than 10 years”, the Railway Ministry explained on Twitter.

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