India’s temperature will keep rising. The ‘State of India’s Environment Report 2024’ has released its statistics!

The ‘State of India’s Environment Report 2024‘ was released on May 31, 2024, by the Center for Science and Environment in collaboration with Down To Earth magazine. India has registered its Second-Hottest Year in 2023, according to data from the India Meteorological Department (IMD) for 2023.

Most Affected Countries:

In 2023, extreme weather events caused losses in about 109 nations. This is most prevalent in West Asian, African, and European nations.

With around 19 million people, Indonesia has the biggest number of individuals affected by extreme weather occurrences. The nation with the greatest death toll is Libya.

Hottest heatwave to hit India in 122 years:

India saw the hottest temperature in 122 years in August and September of 2023 alone. Nearly every day of the year has seen a severe weather event occur in the nation.

To be precise, 318 days out of the 365 days between January 1 and December 31 have seen these kinds of encounters in India. According to the Down To Earth report, 3,287 people have died as a result of these extreme weather situations.

It is estimated that they have impacted 2.21 million hectares of agricultural land and have caused damage to 86,432 homes. As a result, 124,813 animals have died.

Most Affected States in India:

The research claims that these meteorological phenomena affect all of India’s states and union territories. Specifically, 149 days of harsh weather were recorded in Himachal Pradesh and 141 days in Madhya Pradesh. Uttar Pradesh and Kerala come next, both with over 119 days.

As per the data, Bihar is the state with the highest number of deaths. Here, severe weather events have claimed the lives of 642 people. In Haryana, numerous crops have been impacted. According to the research, Punjab saw the highest number of animal deaths while Gujarat saw the greatest number of damaged homes.


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