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Inter caste marriage should be encouraged… L. Murugan’s old video goes viral!

The DMK’s election manifesto announced that if one of the Inter-caste marriage couples belongs to Adi Dravidar or a Scheduled tribe, the allowance will be Rs 60,000 and 1 pound of gold for Tali.

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Such an announcement was spread on social networking sites and in some media by misrepresenting as DMK encourages fake and dramatic Meanwhile, an old video of Tamil Nadu BJP leader L Murugan talking about encouraging inter-caste marriages is being shared on social media.

L Murugan, who was the Deputy Chairman of the National Commission for the Underprivileged in 2018, was speaking to reporters after attending a BJP leader’s family function.

Haryana has the highest number of inter-caste marriages in the country by parents. The Haryana government is providing an incentive of Rs 2.5 lakh. But, in Tamil Nadu, only 50,000 are provided and it should be increased. inter-caste marriage should be encouraged. We need to take serious action on those issues. “

In 2018, L. Murugan has spoken of increasing the incentive for caste-denied mixed marriages in Tamil Nadu from Rs. 50,000. The DMK has announced an incentive of Rs 60,000 for inter-caste marriages and 1 pound gold for Tali.

In the same Congress party’s election manifesto, it was announced that in case of caste denial inter-caste marriages, an incentive of Rs 3 lakh would be given if one of the brides was listed. On behalf of the Central Government, a scheme is being implemented in the name of Ambedkar to provide financial assistance to those inter-caste married couples.

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