BJP executive tortured her maid in Jharkhand for years! The video is viral!

Sunitha, a maid working in the house of BJP leader Seema Patra from Jharkhand state has released a shocking video claiming that Seema Patra locked her up and tortured her.

In the video, a 29-year-old woman, Sunitha, is seen treated in a hospital bed where she is missing several teeth and she could not even sit straight properly. Local media reports suggest that the injuries on the woman’s body may be from repeated assaults.

Seema Patra was a member of the National Executive Committee of the Women’s Wing of the BJP. Her husband Maheshwar Patra is a retired IAS officer.

Sunitha hails from Gumla in Jharkhand. She was working for Patras for around 10 years. The woman has alleged that she suffered many hardships in the house of Seema Patra during the last six years and was brutally tortured by her.

The NDTV news reports, “Sunitha recalls in the videos that she was beaten up with a hot tawa and rods, and her teeth smashed out. She was also made to lick urine off the floor.”

It was Seema Patra’s son Ayushmann who, with the help of his friend, lodged a complaint with the police about Sunitha’s condition and admitted Sunitha to the hospital. Currently, Sunitha is undergoing treatment at RIMS, Ranchi.

Today, Jharkhand BJP president Deepak Prakash suspended Seema Patra after the video of victim Sunitha’s speech went viral. He also informed that action will be taken against Seema Patra due to the allegations made against her in this case.

Also, various voices of condemnation can be soon on the social media that Seema Patra should be arrested and a proper investigation should be conducted into the incident.

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