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Maridas fan page misrepresents appointment of former judge Hari Paranthaman!

On the Facebook fan page running under the name Maridhas M, “Is former judge Hari Pranthaman the Evangelical church trust administrator who gave permission for the Thali removal show and is actively speaking out against the Modi government? This is what I have been saying here for a long time. Billions of crores of foreign funds have infiltrated the Tamil cinema and the judiciary and are having a major divisive impact. The reason why no media refuses to discuss this is that certain money goes to the press, to politicians and to the party. The proselytising mob is emerging as the deciding force. – Maridhas”, was posted mentioning that the Evangelical Lutheran Church Trust of India has announced the name of retired Judge Hari Paranthaman in an auction announcement,

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It is mentioned in the description of the Facebook page that posts and comments on the fan’s page that the retired former judge.Hari Paranthaman has been linked to anti-Modi rhetoric and proselytizing and foreign finance since he was a church administrator.”, claims the post with usual complaints.

However, it was the court that appointed Hari Paranthaman as the administrator of the India Evangelical Lutheran Church. It is clearly stated at the beginning of the auction notice attached to the post that he was appointed by the Chennai High Court. Knowing that, they have published such post.

Retired Judge Haripranthaman, while speaking to Youturn he said, “There are more than 400 churches on behalf of the India Evangelical Lutheran Church. Not only the sale of the trust property but also the finances and administration of the Trust will be under my supervision. The court appointed me as an administrator in a case that was pursued due to a problem with the trust. ” He also provided us with copies of the Chennai High Court order issued in 2018.

The judgment of the Chennai High Court in 2018 stated that “in view of the serious allegations pointed against each other and in the interests of the Church and its members, the retired judge of this Court should be appointed as an administrator and conduct elections, and the entire administration should be monitored in accordance with the laws of the Church.” It has also been mentioned that former Judge Haripranthaman has been appointed as the Administrator of India Evangelical Lutheran Church.

Even before this, in 2016, the Chennai High Court had appointed Hari Paranthaman as an administrator in a case involving the property of the late Tamil Nadu Chief Minister MGR.

Therefore, it is customary for the court to appoint executives, headed by retired judges, to execute the administration when such property problems occur in trusts. The portrayal of Haripranthaman an anti Modi person and claiming that he is receiving money by converting to other religions and supporting them is an attempt to mislead the public.


31.07.2018: Judgement of the Hon’ble High Court of Madras

Madras HC names ex-judge Hariparanthaman as admin of MGR’s disputed properties


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