This article is from Mar 04, 2021

If we change letters in the name “Kalam” my name will also come up – Kamalhasan

The news that Kamal had said that my name would come if we reverse the name of the late President of India Abdul Kalam and it has spread virally on social media.

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Ponraj, who worked as a scientific adviser to Abdul Kalam, joined the MNM party yesterday in the presence of Kamal. Speaking at the time, Kamal said, “I am proud that Kalam’s name has somehow attached in his name. “If we change letters in the name “Kalam” my name will also come up,” he said. You can see what he says at 4.50 minutes in the video below.


But it was ridiculed and mocked on the social networking site for saying that if Kalam name was reversed, my name would come back, as many media outlets have said. Many social media users trolled kamal in memes and posts.

In this case, YouTurn editor Iyan Karthikeyan also teasingly posted a post on his Facebook page and later corrected it after learning the truth.


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