This article is from Nov 10, 2020

False photos of Kamala Harris with Madisar dressed and eating beef go viral!

The news about Kamala Harris, who has been contesting for the post of Vice President since the beginning of the US Presidential election, has been making headlines in the Tamil media and on social media. The reason is that Kamala Harris’ mother is from Tamil Nadu. His name flew in the news even after he was elected vice president.

In addition, religious, caste, political posts and trolls have been created by posting his photos on social networking sites. Kamala Harris went viral as a meme photo of her eating beef, by mentioning that she belong to the Brahmin community.

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But, what he eats is not beef, it is pork. On his Twitter page on August 11, 2019, “Finally got my pork chop! ”Posted an 11-second video.

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It is not known if Kamala Harris has a beef eating habit. But, that photo of she eating pork is being politically viral on social websites in India.

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Next, a photo of Kamala Harris photo which was morphed as a Brahmin woman who dressed Madisar is going viral on social media. There are more trolled posts regarding that morphed photos as it was easily found photoshopped.

Carnatic singer Visakha Hari’s photo was morphed into Kamala Harish’s head. After learning that it was a morphed photo, Kamala Harris is currently teasing as Mami by social media users.


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