This article is from Mar 09, 2021

Six BJP Ministers seek injunction order against media after Karnataka BJP Minister sex scandal issue!

Karnataka’s BJP Water Resources Minister Ramesh Jharkiholi has caused a stir after the release of his intimate video of himself having sex with a woman to get employed by the government. Ramesh Jharkiholi resigned from ministry after the opposition group’s condemnation.

Following this, a social activist announced that he had private videos of 19 prominent personalities and would release them soon. As a result, six Karnataka ministers have asked the court not to release video, audio and photographs of them as the media has been reporting on the CDs of 19 MLAs and ministers involved.

The petition was filed in a Bangalore court by six ministers, including Karnataka’s Medical Higher Education Minister Sudhakar, Labor Welfare Minister Sivaram Hepper, Agriculture Minister PC Patil, Cooperatives Minister HD Somasekar, Municipal Administration Minister Narayan Gowda and Rural Development Minister Bhairathi Basavaraj.

Some media outlets are publishing baseless news about us. Therefore, all 68 media outlets were asked to ban the publication of the video, audio and photos of us.

“Recently, videos of politicians around the world, such as Barack Obama and Queen Elizabeth, have been morphed and gone viral by the Deep Fake process using artificial intelligence. The videos have also been made like some Indian politicians. Innocent people who are unaware of such a process believe the video and its contents to be true. Therefore, using fake CDs will harm their reputation, ”the petitioner said.

Judge Vijayakumar, while hearing the petition, said, “It is necessary to ban the broadcasting or publication of unverified news against the plaintiffs / applicants.” Has ordered.

These six ministers and the outgoing minister Ramesh Jharkiholi were among the 17 MLAs who returned against the Congress-Janata Dal (S) coalition government in 2019. After being disqualified from their respective parties, they won the by-elections on behalf of the BJP and were made ministers.

Following the private video of Ramesh Jharkiholi, Injunction Order Against Media of 19 prominent personalities including MLAs and ministers has caused a stir in Karnataka politics. In this connection, an Injunction Order Against Media has been issued on 68 media outlets for publishing videos and pictures of 6 BJP ministers who have filed a petition against the media.

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