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Adani’s letter to the Central Government banning fishing in the Kattupalli – RTI information

Adani has called on the central government to declare the forest school a “no-fishing zone” as local fishermen struggle to abandon the expansion.

In 2018, Adani Ports and Special Economic Zone Pvt. Adani Group soon launched the Rs 53,031 crore Kattupalli Port Expansion Project. Accordingly, Adani announced that the port will be expanded from 331 acres to 6,111 acres. Of this, 2000 acres of marine fishing are land will be converted into port.

In this situation, the Adani Group has written to the National Hydrographic Office to declare the water around its port in the forest as a “no fishing area”. Adani also argued that fishing boats and nets pose a “serious security risk to ships” and called on the central government in 2019 to ban fishing near the port.

Accordingly, the area requested in the letter is approximately 7.7 sq. Km. This is 112 times the area of ​​the Chepauk Stadium in Chennai. If the port is expanded, the restricted area will be 50 sq km.

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Saravanan, a fisherman from Chennai, received this letter from the Tamil Nadu Maritime Board on March 9, 2021, according to the Right to Information Act.

Fishermen and community activists in Chennai continue to fight against the project, claiming that the expansion will not only cause severe ecological damage but will greatly affect the livelihoods of the fishing community.

The Fishermen’s Panchayat in Kattupalli Kuppam has written a letter to all political parties. It said that ports and factories were destroying their livelihoods and that they should come forward to talk about this issue.

Also, the governments are ready to give Adani everything he asks for, and there are only fishermen from four villages are fishing in the area. It is also mentioned that fishing boats come here from places like Tiruvottiyur, Ennore and Palaverkadu.

When we saw Adani’s letter, we were asked if the anger that came to us came to you and if you are worried about this injustice, please reveal it to everyone.

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The Tamil Nadu government has so far remained silent as parties and social activists, including the Naam Tamilar Party, DMK, Madhimuga and the People’s Justice Center, have expressed support for the fishermen.

  • Arun Prasad, Student Journalist (Training) 
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