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From Ministries to Authorities moving to Koo App! Is it running in Chinese investment?

Many posts revolving around the social media in the support and oppose of the 75-day-long Farmers struggle, especially on Twitter. In this case, the Government of India asks Twitter to suspend the accounts who all are supporting farmer’s protest. However, Twitter explained that they could not be fully implemented and that it was an attempt to break the freedom of expression, adding that it would take other action, including deleting false records.

The ruling party, including Indian ministers, are moving to Koo App, as it seems the Twitter does not agree with the central government’s move and also by mentioning the CEO of Twitter, liked the posts of celebrities who supported the farmer’s protest.

Following Union Minister Piyush Goyal, many are sharing that they have switched to the Koo app. Similarly, Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh and many others have registered that they have switched to the Koo app.

The Koo App was developed by Bombinate Technologies in Bangalore and launched in March last year. The App was invented by two Indians, Abrameya Radhakrishnan and Mayang Pitvakta.

Mayang Pitwakta shared on Twitter last year that Prime Minister Modi had spoken on his “Maan ki baat” program about the “Koo” App being developed in India so that people can share information in their mother tongue.

The Koo App does not require as much personal information as other social networking sites, including Twitter, and is said to be able to use the account via OTP as long as it has some details, including a phone number. Meanwhile, controversy erupted over the leak of personal data on the Koo App and its investors. The controversy escalated when the founder himself reported on the App that there was Chinese investment in their company.

The hacker, nicknamed Elliott Alderson, reported with evidence that the Koo App had several security vulnerabilities and that it kept many details, including phone numbers and personal email addresses, unsecured. He had previously posted security vulnerabilities in the federal government’s “Arogiya Setu” App, which caused great controversy. He also mentioned that the domain of this App is in the name of a Chinese company.

Responding to Chinese investment, Koo App founder Aprameya Radhakrishnan tweeted, “Koo is a company registered in India by Indian investors. Funds were raised 2.5 years ago. The latest fund of Bombinite Technologies is run by genuine Indian investors in capital of 4 out of 3. Chinese partner Shunwei (single-digit stockholder) will soon be leaving our voyage entirely soon. ”

Similarly, it is a false accusation to claim that personal data has been leaked, which is generally answered as public profiles that all users can view and enter. Elliott Alderson has also questioned this in a number of tweets.

Due to disagreements and contradictions, millions of people have joined the Koo App, including members of the central ruling party, many government-run companies, organizations, top officials and supporters of the ruling party. Data show that 10 lakh people have joined the Koo App in the last 24 hours alone. In the aftermath of the controversy, the Koo App founder has consistently responded that the Chinese investor will soon withdraw from the investment of Vokal, another App of their company.

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