LKG, UKG classes: School education department to accept opposition parties’ demands!

LKG and UKG classes have been conducted in 2,381 Anganwadi Centers in Tamil Nadu in association with government schools since the last 2019-20 academic year. News of the closure of LKG and UKG classes in government schools has caused a stir.

Responding to this, Education Minister Anbil Mahesh said, “LKG and UKG classes will be conducted at Anganwadi Centers, for which the responsibility will be handed over to the Social Welfare Department. The teachers who were taking care of the kindergarten so far will be handling classes 1 to 5”.

If the LKG and UKG classes would be shifted to the social welfare department and held in Anganwadi Centers, questions arise as to where the teachers would come from to teach them and who would conduct the student admission.

Opposition parties also opposed the closure of LKG and UKG classes in government schools and demanded that LKG and UKG classes be held in government schools. In this situation, the Minister of School Education has accepted the request of the opposition.

On June 9, Minister Anbil Mahesh said, “The school education department has accepted the request to continue LKG and UKG classes in government schools and, on the advice of the Hon’ble Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, has ordered LKG and UKG classes to continue in government schools. Qualified special teachers will be allotted where required”, the statement said.

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