Scam Alert: Secure your Aadhaar Biometrics by locking it. Here is how to do it.

The Aadhaar-enabled Payment System (AePS) is a payment service that enables users to access their Aadhaar-enabled bank account and do standard banking operations like checking their balance, making cash withdrawals, and sending money to others via a Business Correspondent by using Aadhaar as the identity.

Through the Aadhaar-enabled Payment System (AePS), fraudsters take money from bank accounts using fake Aadhaar cards or stolen Aadhaar numbers. They claim to have even been able to withdraw money in certain instances without requiring an OTP. We should enable biometric authentication on the official UIDAI website or Aadhaar app to prevent such scams.

Bengaluru Police Commissioner warned about this new scam on social media X (formerly known as Twitter) and asked people to lock Aadhaar biometrics to avoid scams. The post also states that it should be possible to use aadhaar’s key, in order to avoid counterfeiting of the biometric data. Notice posted back by Cybercrime CID.

An Aadhaar holder can use the Biometric Locking service to lock and unlock their biometrics momentarily. This facility aims to improve resident biometric data privacy and confidentiality. When biometrics are locked, an error code ‘330’ is displayed, preventing the entity from performing biometric authentication. This occurs when a UID is used to invoke any of the authentication services using a biometric modality (Face, Iris, or Fingerprint).

If you need to unlock it for any reason, it will stay unlocked for 10 minutes before being automatically locked again. Your biometric information cannot be used for any authentication once it has been locked. A user’s fingerprints and iris scans cannot be used for authentication when they have locked their biometrics. The main purpose of this security feature is to stop unauthorized use of biometric information.

To avoid aadhaar biometrics being used illegally, apply the Lock feature on AADHAAR.

Install the MAADHAAR App here.

Official website:

Use these steps to protect your Aadhaar biometrics:

1. Visit the Aadhaar Authority’s (UIDAI) official website at and select My Aadhaar, or download the app.

2. After choosing Aadhaar Services, select Secure your Biometrics.

3. Select ‘Lock / Unlock Biometrics’ and enter your Captcha code and 12-digit Aadhaar number in the corresponding fields.

4. Enter the OTP that was sent to the Aadhaar-registered mobile number in the space provided.

5. Next, select ‘Lock / Unlock Biometrics’ from the menu.

Your Aadhar Biometrics will be secured when it is locked. The biometric unlock can be done either by visiting UIDAI website, enrolment centre, Aadhaar Seva Kendra(ASK), through m-Aadhaar.



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