This article is from Feb 25, 2021

The publisher changed the photo of “Kudumi” Thiruvalluvar… here is the picture!

Over the past few days, The photo depicting Thiruvalluvar as a priest in a CBSE Class 8 Hindi book published by Macmillan Publishers India Pvt Ltd has caused controversy on social media. This provoked protests from political parties as well.

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In connection with this when we contacted Macmillan Publishers they said, “Information about the picture’s controversy has now come to our attention. We are trying to change this immediately. ”

In this case, Macmillan Publishers has released a revised photo of Thiruvalluvar. Modified using a photo approved by the Government of Tamil Nadu.

In this regard, when we contacted Sriram Sharma, son of Venugopal Sharma, who painted a portrait of Thiruvalluvar approved by the Government of Tamil Nadu said, “We have mailed the statements made by political party leaders, including MK Stalin, Vaiko, Dayanidhi Maran, TTV. Dhinakaran about the image of Thiruvalluvar published by Macmillan Publishers and emailed them that the photo you posted has affected the sentiment of the people.”

They accepted their mistake and replayed that they will change the photo immediately. Following this, we sent the photo of Thiruvalluvar approved by the Central and State Governments. Immediately, they changed the photo and sent the page to us as well. ”

Writer Umanath Selvan was the first to post about the controversial photo of Thiruvalluvar on the social networking site. Thiruvalluvar’s controversial photo has attracted attention from a various set of peoples such as social media, political party leaders and the media. The publisher who admitted their mistake has changed the photo of Thiruvalluvar approved by the Tamil Nadu government.



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