This article is from Dec 24, 2020

Factcheck: Photoshopped vaccine photo goes viral as corona vaccine made by Pfizer!

The photo has gone viral on social media as the Pfizer vaccine used for the COVID-19 infection. Followers are also being asked about its authenticity. We were able to see some people teasing and claiming to be a fake vaccine and sharing this photo.

Pfizer-BioTech’s COVID-19 vaccine is being used in the US and UK for emergency use of the corona virus version. The viral photo shows “Made in China” made in China. However, the Pfizer vaccine is not made in China.

Also, it is mentioned that it is sold in the form of “Vaporizer Cartridge”. However, there is no such information on the Pfizer website. Pfizer is not for sale in the form of a vaporizer cartridge. Finally, the single-dose vaccine is referred to as, but the Pfizer vaccine is a double-dose vaccine.

Pfizer has confirmed via email to the Reuter news site that the “viral Vaporizer cartridge is fake”. The actual Pfizer vaccine is injected into the upper part of the hand and given a second time at intervals of 21 days.

A vaccine developed by Pfizer is being used as an emergency vaccine against corona virus infection. In this situation, there are reports that the spread of the mutated corona virus is increasing.

It seems that a Photoshopped photo about the vaccine may have gone viral, just as the teasing memes on social media about the corona virus infection have gone viral.

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