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Why Hindi library in Madurai railway station? RTI answers !

Madurai is known for the Tamil language and is one of the historical places relating to Tamil. A Hindi library ‘Mythilisaran Gupt Hindi Library’ in the name of a Hindi poet in the Madurai railway station has created an outrage among social media users.

Mr Rajasimman, from Kovilpatti, has questioned regarding this and has received a reply through the Right to Information Act (RTI). The response says, “There are 10 active Hindi libraries. One of these is named behind Mahakavi Bharathi. The library at Madurai railway station has 2,957 Hindi books and the information on the number of Tamil books is unavailable”.

And for the question on how many Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Bengali libraries are functioning in the Varanasi division of North Eastern Railways, the Railway Ministry has answered that the information is not available.

The Railway Ministry has answered that no such record is maintained for the question on the number of Tamil libraries functioning at railway stations all over India. But Southern Railways has answered that no Tamil library has been awarded to date.

When we reached Mr Rajasimman, “I was waiting in Madurai railway station once on a trip to Tirupati. I went inside the library as I have the habit of reading books, and saw only Hindi books in the library. When the officials of the library were questioned, they answered that it is for the tourists who come from North India. When I checked if they do not even have one Tamil book, they said no and informed me that the library is for Hindi books only. And I was asked to read it if I wish.

When gathering information about the Hindi library in Madurai railway station, we came to know that it is functioning for the past 5 or 6 years. This library was built for railway employees initially. There was a government order that the employees should learn Hindi and should know to speak and write letters in Hindi. And the order was cancelled after the protest against it by the Railway Union President. Later it was converted to the usage of North Indian tourists.

One of my friends told that Chennai Railway station has one such library. Hindi libraries are functioning in major cities including Madurai. Madurai division alone has 10 Hindi libraries. And one such is named with Bharathiyar’s name. RTI has replied that no Tamil libraries were built. But none questions about it”, he said.

Some people miscommunicate the voice against Hindi imposition in Tamil Nadu as it is a voice against other languages. It is controversial to know that no libraries for South Indian languages Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam or Kannada libraries are built alike for Hindi.

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